Alpine X-A90V 4 Channel + Mono Amplifier

High quality mono power amp

  • 100W RMS x 4 + 500W x 1
  • 75W RMS x 4 + 300W x 1


The X-Series amplifiers set the industry benchmark with an all-new and advanced digital architecture to achieve a high-resolution sound with unprecedented purity, accuracy and power efficiency. Their sleek and stylish compact design incorporates an innovative aluminium heat sink with a bespoke air-flow system which keeps the amplifier cool and maintains performance at its peak for incredibly high-level power output and no-shutdown operation. The X-Series amps are designed for true Hi-Res Audio playback by featuring an extended frequency range from 10Hz ~ 60kHz in the full range amplifiers.

Furthermore, X-Series have unmatched staying power with a high damping factor for unparalleled control coupled with virtually zero distortion. This ensures extremely accurate low-frequency output for bass at its best and the highest sound quality.

The X-Series amplifiers allow your music to stay faithful to the original recording with a realism that puts you in the centre of the performance.

  • 900W RMS x 1 [2Ω@14.4V]
  • 600W RMS x 1 [4Ω@14.4V]

Cast Aluminium Heat Sink 

The X-Series Amplifiers can perform at their peak power levels for a large period of time due to the chassis being a solid cast aluminium heat sink. The newly designed heat sink allows for hot air to rise out from the top, which causes a vacuum that draws in cool air from below. This provides thermal control for an uninterrupted listening experience.


Smart Installation

Alpine has completely redesigned the speaker terminal connectors on the X-Series amplifiers. This ensures a very compact design that allows clean and simple installation with lossless connectivity. With the intention of delivering high performance, these connectors play a vital role in the stability and failsafe operation of the amplifier.


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