Alpine SPS-410

Type-S 4″ Coaxial 2-Way Speaker

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Type-S speaker features sleek, high-tech looks and ultra-light HD polymer frames for improved sound quality, higher efficiency and high power handling.

Type-S tweeters feature a 1″ soft silk dome diaphragm and rigid aluminium bobbin to deliver highly detailed sound right up to 22kHz. The shape and material of the cone and surround ensure that the woofers long encursion delivers strong bass with no sound degredation, while a rigid and efficient voice coil ensures optimal performance even when being driven by a factory head unit.

These extremely versatile and great sounding speakers are the perfect addition for almost any OE system upgrade.


Tweeter Type: 3/4” Wide Range Silk Dome Tweeter
Magnet Material: Neodymium Magnet

Cone Material: Tuned Poly-Mica Cone
Surround: Rubber Surround
Voice Coil Wire: Copper Square Wire
Magnet: High Grade Strontium Magnet
Mounting: Shallow Mounting Design Frame: HD Polymer Frame Mounting Adapters: 4” x 6” Mounting Adapter
High Grade Network Components: High Grade Network Components


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